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Plants and industrial networks are vulnerable to poor performance, bugs, and attacks when not properly maintained. Control networks, servers, data logging systems, and other industrial software require ongoing monitoring, updates and support to continue performing optimally for years to come.

We help manufacturing plants and industrial companies extend the life of their control systems, networks, and other automation investments while managing the risk outdated systems create. STA’s managed IT services help you monitoring networks and backups for plants, deploy virtual servers and other industrial IOT manufacturing services, remotely manage plant networks, upkeep antivirus software’s, and stay ahead of line slowdowns and network outages.

We also support controls engineers by taking the IT tasks off your hands that you don’t want to worry about. Don’t want to remember to upgrade firewalls six months from now? Not looking forward to setting up all those network switches? No problem, let STA’s manufacturing IT consulting experts handle it for you. We’ve been supporting automation and controls rollouts for over five years in some of the largest manufacturing plants with managed IT services in St. Louis.

Industrial IOT for Manufacturing

vCIO, cloud, remote system monitoring, device data logging; whatever your IOT needs we can help you implement and maintain scalable industrial network solutions that make your plant IOT ready. Without a solid network design that ensures speed, redundancy, and safe data storage you can’t fully utilize IOT data effectively. We can help you ensure the network infrastructure is in place to maximize your IIOT and smart plant investments. Learn more.

Managed IT Services

Don’t really want to hire an internal IT manager? Or wishing you had a bigger IT department? Look no further! Our managed IT services for the St. Louis area and our extensive experience in small business and manufacturing IT consulting mean we have the expertise to help you efficiently develop and maintain IT best practices to protect and advance your facility. Learn more.

Manufacturing IT Consulting

From server migrations that minimize downtime to vendor management and support, we are your go to resource for industrial IT consulting in the St. Louis area. We are experienced in a wide variety of plant support services including critical systems and event monitoring, system protection and maintenance, industrial control system cyber-security, and plant backup and recovery solutions. How can help bring more peace of mind to your operations?

The work Justin did was of incredible value to us.

I am incredibly confident in everything he did and will not hesitate to use him in the
future! – Kathy H.

SCADA Attacks

Networked control systemsRecent SCADA Attacks Highlight the Critical Need for Industrial IT Security Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is a lynchpin in modern manufacturing, a system of software and hardware elements that allows industrial organizations to: Control industrial…

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Industrial Network Cyber Attacks

Tips for optimizing industrial network securityWith growing connectivity comes growing security concerns, and the manufacturing industry is extremely vulnerable to cyber threats – there are hundreds of thousands of attacks specifically on industrial plants each year. Establishing a strong foundation of cyber security for industrial control systems has become critical obligation for any manufacturing company that wants to keep their employees, customers and finances safe.

Are you doing enough right now to stave off these viscous industrial network attacks? Run through the following list of four major measures every plant should be taking with cyber security for your industrial control systems.

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Alert: Windows 7 is Dying

Almost exactly one year from now on January 14th, 2020, Microsoft officially ends all extended security support for Windows 7. Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 in 2015 and 2019 truly marks your last chance to upgrade before Windows 7 becomes a major…

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Downtime Risk Reduced with Virtual Server Network

Strate Technology Advisors was approached by the clients Power & Controls Team to assist in the outline and execution of a high availability virtual server deployment to replace outdated IT infrastructure. The plant’s production lines were running without backups and limited space on a day-to-day basis. The deployment ultimately consisted of:

  • 12+ virtual servers running multiple controls
  • Historian data server & High-speed data access for virtual servers
  • In-batch software which controlled much of the plant operations remain in-service

Technical Challenges

  • Space constraints on the current hardware combined with the large application footprint required both a host level and physical level redundant server backup
  • A new layout for the server hardware had to be engineered and integrated by STA into the plant’s updated fiber network to allow for backup processing and storage to happen at a separate end of the plant.


Three new virtual host machines were purchased with virtual host software licensing packages, including a backup & recovery solution. STA developed a full networking map, ordered and installed the hardware, and worked in partnership with the internal Process and Controls Team to implement the solution successfully.



  • Only the replacement of essential networking gear in the event of a full mid-plant server room loss is required to get the plant lines up and running again because of a better server layout and third host designed with double capacity for the production servers.
  • If a physical host fails at the mid-plant server room the system auto-transitions production to virtual server DR hosts in a separate plant location using the fiber network to incur little to no extra latency back to the production lines and other running servers.