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STA Factory IOT Consultant St. Louis, MO

At STA, we’ve served a range of companies large and small and provide deep expertise in factory IoT, IT infrastructure protection and IIoT manufacturing. Based right out of St. Louis,  we help provide critical IT infrastructure and protection for your plant, office or other B2B industrial network security.

Industries we serve include:

Manufacturing & Factory 4.0 Support

factory 4.0 support st. louis

Manufacturing processes and networks are mission-critical systems that must reliably remain up, with airtight IT security, high-speed connectivity, flexible network agility and the scalability to enable the next generation of connected IoT technologies. At STA, we’re not only trained and certified in manufacturing network support and design, we have deep experience in the emerging technologies of factory 4.0 and can deeply support your IT processes to help you take advantage of them.


Engineering & Networked Control Systems

Networked control systems

Whether you’re providing engineering consulting to manufacturers or need an IT consulting expert to support your engineering team’s work, we provide the extensive certified and trained technicians to get the job done. We’re deeply seasoned in plant application virtualization, networked control systems and more. And we’ve worked with engineers of all stripes to plan and execute IT projects that directly support and enable key engineering deliverables, such as front-end engineering design, detailed design and more.


Warehousing & Machine Monitoring Systems

Every producer needs a warehouse to manage products, and every warehouse needs reliable IT systems powering operations. We work with both producers and third-party warehousing and logistics providers to meet the IT needs of the warehouse. We’ve designed and implemented machine monitoring systems, event log management systems and more, directly in support of warehousing processes.


Industrial B2B Companies & Advanced Industrial Networking

Advanced industrial networkingOur expertise extends beyond the factory floor and directly to b2b companies that demand next-gen industrial B2B IT. We’ve developed advanced industrial networking and industrial network security systems, working directly with many companies throughout the St. Louis region to provide industrial networks that power and enable today’s many connected devices — securely, with rapid connectivity.


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We offer a full spectrum of industrial IT services, including:

  • Systems Protection and Maintenance: We provide servers, workstations and more to support daily operations in airtight, secure environments. Learn More
  • Virtual CIO (vCIO) Services for Industrial Companies: Our virtual CIO services are a great fit for growing industrial companies and entail C-level direction, initiatives, budgeting and co-department project management. Learn More
  • General IT Consulting Services: Get the consulting services you need for your next networking, server or software upgrade projects — all from one provider with a skilled, multi-disciplined team. Learn More
  • Vendor Management and Support: We partner with both existing and future vendors to develop highly successful relationships you can depend on. Learn More
  • Critical Systems and Event Monitoring: We review every aspect of your network from user logins to servers to IDS/IPS events in your firewall — so you get peace of mind. Learn More
  • End-User Support Services: With our fully staffed helpdesk, we can assist in resolving your user’s most pressing issues. Learn More

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