Daniel Merdian

IT Consultant

8+ Years Experience


Danny is an IT Professional with nearly a decade of industrial IT experience, mainly in the areas of customer support and datacenter monitoring. If something critical is impacted at a plant with proper monitoring, he will know about it right away! Danny’s many years of hands-on customer support means he can confidently manage your technical infrastructure and help keep your operations healthy with fast, accurate troubleshooting. His specific expertise includes:


  • Critical Systems Monitoring
  • Systems Event Logging/Alerting
  • Monitored Systems Event and Scheduled Reviews
  • Third Party/Application Support and Troubleshooting
  • Network Infrastructure Design and Management
  • Network Support, Diagnostics, and Repair
  • Device Protection and Monitoring
  • Server and Endpoint Update Review Management
  • Plant Security System Design, Configuration, and Support
  • End User Helpdesk
  • System deployment
  • Virtualization


  • Industrial IT Consultant – Strate Technology Advisors
  • Deployement Engineer, Technology Group Solutions
  • NOC Engineer, NetStandard Inc.
  • NOC Engineer, Avazpour Networking Services


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