A virtual server running out of processing power required an emergency migration because line speed and data collection were heavily impacted. The STA team was able to complete the entire migration in an hour and provide server monitoring solutions.

Project Overview: Server Consolidation & Migration

Dial Corporation based in St. Louis, Missouri, quickly running out of processing power on one of their virtual servers that ran their data historian. This was causing production lines to slow down due to incomplete data collection. The company approached STA in a state of emergency, requiring:

  • Migration to a new server with extremely limited downtime
  • VMWare licensing procurement and compliance
  • Minimal plant downtime and multi-department coordination
  • New backup server build and backup software integration
  • Optional server monitoring solutions

Technical Challenges

  • Minimizing downtime for a major server migration that normally takes between 6-8 hours in a perfect scenario
  • The state of emergency with production line speed drop-off meant a comprehensive plan had to be quickly developed and implemented


The STA team quickly developed a migration plan to get the server to the new box, developing the specifications and technical requirements and setting a time to do the migration in a one-day turnaround. Everything that could be done before shutting down lines was, including the server consolidation, rebuild, licensing, configured backups, building the backup server, access server setup and porting 90% of the existing data. The line was shut down only for the migration of the critical ten percent of data remaining, which took only forty-five minutes.


  • Pre-coping 90% of the data and a lot of smart prep work by the STA team meant full production outage was held to 45 minutes
  • Production speeds and data collection were able to return to normal levels and the new server left room to grow to avoid another emergency migration