Large-Scale Security System Upgrade Delivered Under Budget with Cost-Savings for Client

  • Clarified and executed
  • Delivered lengthy, challenging, large-scale project
  • Partnered with multiple firms to source the right parts
  • Danny is smart
  • Adapted to changing project scenario

STA was tasked with outlining and installing a new video surveillance system covering two company locations and five buildings. The client needed to monitor high-traffic areas, the front gate, shipping docks and potential hazard areas as well as record all locations — maintaining a long retention policy with secure online access to their security videos.

  • High cost – $60,000 – $70,000
  • Massive project – delivered to a high vision

Project Overview

The client envisioned a large-scale deployment, with a wide-ranging technology upgrade to their existing security system. They required:

  • Deployment of 48 cameras
  • A new secure Ethernet network
  • Integration with an Entre Pass security system
  • High-efficiency video coding cameras that could compress video 2x as efficiently as their previous system, provide 4k video up to 75 percent smaller than before
  • Upgraded guard stations and end points for higher CPU capacity
  • POE – Power over Ethernet – powered by new switches
  • Capabilities to control, monitor and reboot security cameras remotely
  • Remote viewing through custom configured iPhone apps

Technical Challenges

  • The security system with online access called for high-quality video, but the project sites’ limited ISP (3/3mbps) upload speeds — delivered via DSL and T1 lines speeds — couldn’t be improved without major capital investment
  • STA had to run new cabling to replace the client’s outdated CCTV system
  • The project called for a new, network-based NVR (Network Video Recorder) system that could record video over the network instead of via direct camera inputs as well as secure video access to approved users on local machines and save months of video
  • The surveillance system needed to integrate with the client’s new security system, which entailed a smart door & key system that would mark entries with timestamps. Cameras needed to intelligently record door & key events in one system and all security footage in another.


Working in partnership with the client, STA found innovative solutions to the technical, schedule and budgetary challenges the project entailed.

  • STA translated the client’s robust vision into an actionable, cost-effective blueprint with a clearly defined project scope and tight specifications.
  • By deploying the system in phases, STA mitigated and reduced the planned $70,000 project cost — the client could defer some costs and test STA’s recommended, high-performance cameras, eliminating the need for some planned hardware positions and costs.
  • On-site maintenance was used to keep costs reasonable for new cable installation.
  • Running both the client’s current and new systems in tandem, STA maintained continuity and ensured the client almost always had video coverage.
  • By researching and sourcing specialty, high-efficiency cameras, STA provided secure remote video access while overcoming the project sites’ low bandwidth and slow mobile network speeds.
  • With exceptional expertise in video codec types, lens types, and focus areas, STA reduced the number of required cameras and provided the client a higher quality video image
  • STA handled the legwork of locating the right supply partners to source specialty equipment at the lowest possible cost, including an ultra low-light camera and housing to eliminate glare to monitor spray drying nozzles with high-quality video
  • Adapting to changing project circumstances, STA successfully provided an unplanned security system replacement and integrated the new camera system into the security system to deliver serious savings


  • STA completed a challenging, time-consuming IT security project to the highest quality standards while meeting the client’s vision.
  • Through value engineering and doggedly finding cost-effective solutions throughout the project, STA reduced the project budget and passed savings on to the owner.
  • The system fully integrated with the Entre Pass security system.
  • Videos are successfully recorded and retained for months, not days or weeks, via the powerful, new network-based NVR (Network Video Recorder) system.
  • STA enabled the client with a robust camera and security system that covers liability risks and ensures their products are made and shipped to specification.