A major consumer products manufacturer did not have the man-power or in-house expertise to manage and monitor the IT infrastructure at several US based facilities and needed a 24×7 plant IT support.

Plant Monitoring System & IT Maintenance Project Overview

The line maintenance engineer at a fortune 500 consumer products company did not have the time or expertise to maintain updates, backups, and server systems for several major US plants. He reached out to STA technologies to manage and remotely maintain the following:

  • Server platforms for process systems
  • Windows Server licensing and compliance
  • Process server systems monitoring
  • Plant Monitoring System of Data Historian and Production Log servers
  • Uptime and downtime tracking systems
  • Terminal servers support and management
  • Logic servers management

Technical Challenges

  • Remote monitoring and regular updates to
    • Edge servers consisting of vCenter and Backup Server deployments
    • Backup Server jobs and failures
    • Maintain security of edge systems
    • Plant backups and redundant hardware updates
  • Establishing secure remote connections and encrypting all data to protect valuable plant information
  • Outdate software had left key vulnerabilities that had to be cleaned up before full management plan implemented


The team at STA contracted to clean-up and update all existing softwares and create a sustainable server backup plan. Remote, secure connections were established by STA along with a long-term hardware replacement strategy.

The team at STA was contracted to clean-up, maintain and monitor the existing server and production infrastructure on an ongoing basis. By monitoring critical systems with 24×7 plant IT support and reacting swiftly to issues, as well as a regular and manually reviewed maintenance process the end clients systems would see higher uptime and shorter maintenance windows.



  • All existing plant IT infrastructure was successfully updated and vulnerabilities eliminated with zero production interruptions
  • The burden of maintaining servers and software to reduce the risk of downtime, controls failure, or data loss was successfully removed from the plant engineers and maintenance team with the installation of the plant monitoring system