Help Desk & End-User Support Services

Supporting your employees as they use various technologies from basic computer software’s to HMI input screens doesn’t have to be your headache. Productivity slows down every time someone has an IT issue, but maintaining a staff large enough to provide full end-user support services can be expensive.

We can help augment your existing IT department or provide help desk support services where they are lacking. We act as an extension of your team, answering employee calls with a knowledgeable IT engineer that can help them quickly resolve their issue.

Over time, we track recurring issues and help-desk trends and provide solutions that help you minimize disruptions by identifying and resolving common problem areas. We else help streamline new software or hardware deployments and optimize application usage throughout the organization. From managing regular security updates to tracking application uptime and fixing problems before users come to us, our IT support services help your staff get more done with less headaches.

Our Help Desk Support Services for End-Users

From common usability issues to new infrastructure rollouts, we can support a wide variety of business and industrial IT solutions. The most common end-user support services we provide include:

  • Application technical support
  • AV technician support/engineering
  • Critical and Security Updates
  • Desktop support/engineering
  • Field service technical support
  • Hardware and driver technical support
  • Help desk analysis
  • Help desk technical support
  • Identity access management
  • IT program management
  • IT project management
  • IT Security
  • L0-L3 Monitoring
  • LAN connectivity
  • Mobile devices
  • Network updates
  • Operating system support
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)-certified support
  • Output management services
  • Patching of Windows Workstations
  • PC technical support
  • POS technical support
  • SAP, ERP, or MES end user support services
  • Server updates and monitoring
  • Service Pack Installation
  • Software installation
  • Switch testing and monitoring
  • Web application support

STA technologies guarantees rapid response times for our help-desk clients. If calls are not answered immediately, we call back within two minutes. Emails receive an initial response within thirty minutes or less.

You can also choose the level of help desk support services most appropriate for your operation. We offer standard business support from 7:00am to 6:00pm central, extended support for coverage through midnight, or full 24×7 support.

Supporting Your Business with Industrial Experience & Round-the-Clock Availability

Our team has over a decade of experience supporting specifically industrial, engineering, and manufacturing companies. Our help desk team adds the availability and bandwidth you need to keep employees happy on the technology front and the experience to communicate effectively in industrial environments with everyone from the front-desk to the line operator.

When you work with Strate Technology Advisors, you are getting:

  • The ability to free your internal team from troubleshooting tasks. It’s hard to move things forward when you are spending time trying to fix user issues or train people on new software. This is why our help desk support service exists – to handle that so you can focus on more productive projects.
  • Over a decade of in-plant industrial experience and expertise. Our team of Certified IT Technicians has the skills and knowledge to support everything from hardware devices and software programs (SaaS and on premise) to networks, data and mobile applications.
  • Proven processes that streamline and simplify your IT security program
  • Time and money savings. No more manual, time-consuming, labor-intensive work for your team. No more daily complexities.
  • Scalability – Grow your business. Add new devices and software tools. Implement new strategies with the latest technology to create robust processes. No matter how much you grow business, we’ll ensure your technology grows with you, so you can scale your company at-will.
  • A one-stop industrial IT shop – STA provides not only IT user support, but IT security, vCIO and a comprehensive suite of IT services — so you don’t have to juggle multiple vendors.

We’re your total IT partner, committed to growing a lasting relationship built on trust. As we work with you, we proactively and responsively inform you of any trouble ticket trends, software or hardware problems, and IT system uptime changes. We don’t just respond to user issues, we take a proactive role in shaping a better working technology environment for you and your employees.

Get Pricing for End-User Support Services

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