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In industrial and plant environments you need more than just typical monitoring. Stringent process requirements, up time demands, and security protocols necessitate the highest level of IT monitoring and plant monitoring systems.

At Strate Technology Advisors, we bring more than a decade of experience in industrial remote monitoring for plants, manufacturers, and more. Companies nationwide trust us to watch their Networks and product support IT systems and ensure they function properly, consistently and securely. 

STA 24/7 Industrial IT Monitoring Services

So, what do you get when you procure STA for IT monitoring services? For starters, you get a specialized partner with deep expertise in plant monitoring systems, IT systems server monitoring and more. In short, critical event IT monitoring is the continuous cataloging of your key IT systems, devices and networks. It’s used to:

  • Ensure your devices and the processes they run are operating as planned, on the correct schedule
  • Detect any abnormalities or dangerous events, such as process malfunctions, and trigger diagnostic and improvement processes
  • Increase operational efficiency and consistency by keeping your IT running at peak capacity and preventing problems from escalating
  • Provide real-time visibility into end-to-end application environments, including: applications, servers, virtualization, storage and networks

At STA, we provide a robust solution set to help you keep your critical systems functioning properly at all times. Our IT monitoring services include:

  • Full IT stack monitoring — VMs, apps, networks, websites, processes and more
  • External synthetic checks — a set of metrics that show how systems perform for end users
  • Application monitoring — we collect application data to troubleshoot potential problems before they progress
  • Server monitoring solutions — comprehensive server and virtual machine monitoring for all major industrial OS systems, both on-site and remote, for private and public clouds and IaaS environments
  • Network monitoring — we monitor using a range of protocols, internally and externally, checking performance, reachability, network channel quality and more
  • Alerts — if anything major ever happens, we let you know instantly and communicate clearly throughout the process as issues are fixed
  • 24/7 industrial remote monitoring — we ensure your systems are properly monitored round the clock, so you never lose sleep

Why STA?

Most IT firms simply aren’t familiar with the industrial IT environment. At STA, it’s like our second home. We’re 100% dedicated specifically to serving plants, manufacturers and industrial B2B firms. But don’t take our word for it. We’re happy to put you in touch with industrial clients who can attest to our specialized expertise. We offer you:

  • 10+ years of in-plant industrial experience
  • An expert team of Certified IT Technicians
  • Proven processes — we’ve set up critical event monitoring more times than we can count
  • Time and money savings— not only because our monitoring prevents costly problems, but also because we offer smart packages tailored to industrial companies
  • Total scalability– our monitoring solutions are fully scalable and can grow as your operations grow

We are your total IT partner, dedicated to providing you the highest quality, most responsive service possible.

Let’s Talk About Your Needs

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