IT Support Designed for Industrial Operations Technology Needs

Factory worker interacts with an industrial control system via and HMI screenManufacturing is the second most targeted industry for cyber-attacks behind healthcare. There are over a million attacks on SCADA systems a year, and hacks targeting industrial control systems have increased 110% since 2016.

That’s why having the right IT support for your operations technologies is critical. There are lots of IT vendors out there, but few with specific knowledge of what your PLC’s, HMI’s plant networks, workstations and other plant automation infrastructure needs from an IT support perspective. STA Technologies has over ten years working exclusively in industrial spaces, and our expertise is being that OT/IT translator that can ensure your industrial systems are protected 24/7/365.

We don’t automate processes, but handle all the small supporting infrastructure that makes all the difference. Our services include:

  • IT/OT Network Architecture Design – You focus on your OT technology we handle the network and server integration
  • Network and Server Monitoring24/7/365 data history and monitoring of network performance and IT infrastructure with fast support and alerting to any issues that arise
  • OT Production Stack Support – We support OT technology in some of the largest US manufacturing plants.
  • 24/7 Protection & Maintenance – Extend the life of your infrastructure with regular updates and IT master planning
  • Industrial and Business IT/OT Integration including:
    • File level backups
    • Email security services
    • Server monitoring and maintenance plans
    • Workstation monitoring and maintenance plans
    • Full stack IT helpdesk
  • General IT/OT project consulting – Have us outline your next project, audit existing systems or weigh in on future IT projects. We also offer ad-hoc and one-off services for one-time projects.

Our team works within a variety of industrial spaces. Some plants contract us directly, while other projects come from engineering and automation firms that don’t want spend an engineer’s valuable time setting up permissions on servers and other IT leaning tasks. Whatever your needs, our team can remove the friction between your business systems, cyber-security needs and advanced automation technology.

Contact us to get a quote or learn more: 314-714-5055

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