Email Protection That Is So Much More

Protect your employees and your company for only $2.99/email account with our comprehensive email security solution. This solution works with any email client and stops phishing, spoofing, virus infiltration, and malicious email attacks before they reach inboxes. This solution gives you:

  1. Automatic and headache-free blocking of phishing, spam, and other malicious emails from ever reaching employee inboxes
  2. Total control over what emails are released and who can release them
  3. Peace of mind by automatically preventing employees from sharing credit card information, social security numbers, and many other types of sensitive information
  4. Confidence that emails you receive from other employees are really from them and not someone pretending to work at your company by spoofing domains
  5. Up-to-date protection from the latest viruses, malware and phishing schemes

And much more. STA Consulting will handle the implementation and roll-out of this spam protection, walking you through all the features and options and ensuring it’s set to meet your needs. Checkout the full list of benefits below or call 314-714-5055 to discuss this product with a specialist. 


  • Anti-Virus – Database is constantly updated to make sure your employees are protected from the latest virus threats. 
  • Attachment Filtering – Block the most common types of virus carrying files, and have total control over what types of files members of your organization can receive
  • Spam and Bulk Email Filtering – Automatically block spam emails and mass emails for everyone
  • Geo-Location Filtering – Prevent messages from Russia, North Korea, or other locations that have no business communicating with your company
  • User Managed Quarantine – Allow individuals to mark spam messages, review suspicious emails, block unwanted users, etc. 
  • Outbound Email filtering – Don’t let the virus come from you! Prevent infected, suspicious, or sensitive emails from leaving the building
  • Data Loss Prevention Filtering – Set up filtering rules to make sure employees don’t accidentally share information they shouldn’t like customer information, credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc. 
  • Malicious URL Defense – Protect employees and your data by automatically preventing clicks on malicious URL’s embedded in emails
  • Anti-spoof and domain cloning  – don’t let someone impersonate an employee to steal sensitive information. This service prevents outside hackers from sending domain’d emails
  • Emergency Mailbox – If your mail server ever goes down, employees can still access and use email with this service
  • Email Spooling  – In the event that your mail server does go down, mailing spooling collects messages and will deliver them as soon as it is back up