Virtual CIO (vCIO) Services for Industrial Companies

A chief information officer (CIO) develops strategic technology plans for your company, mastering your business processes and identifying ways to improve them. CIOs head up the IT department for most businesses, driving success, optimizing technology & processes, and improving ROI. Technology is constantly evolving so having a knowledgeable, skilled CIO is crucial to the success of businesses — small, medium or large.

A virtual chief information officer (vCIO) is an innovative solution for companies for whom it doesn’t make sense to employ a traditional, full-time Chief Information Officer to provide full-time strategic IT analysis, management and implementation. A virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) is outsourced, providing IT leadership on demand, and typically cutting costs while also offering an entire firm’s dedicated expertise.

At Strate Technology Advisors, we provide specialized virtual CIO services specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of manufacturers, engineering firms and industrial businesses. With more than a decade of experience providing IT leadership to industry, we can help you develop and implement the right IT strategy to streamline operations, save money, plan for the future, and solve your unique challenges.

Our Virtual CIO Services

As your dedicated vCIO, STA acts as a leadership resource for your team, ensuring you avoid pitfalls and select the best technology solutions to meet your goals — on your budget. We can help you implement IT solutions or simply provide you the roadmap and let your IT team execute the plan of action, with support as needed.

STA provides a comprehensive suite of CIO services, including:

  • Defining your IT strategy & roadmap
  • Guiding new IT initiatives
  • IT budgeting assistance
  • Future-proofing your business for technology changes
  • Regular assessments and reports on your IT infrastructure, network health, and security
  • Reviewing IT vendor performance and suggesting improvements
  • Designing and implementing an IT disaster recovery and business continuity plan
  • Refining business processes through automation
  • Defining your IT Architecture
  • Vendor management
  • Managing your IT team
  • Setting IT governance and evaluation principles

Why Partner with STA as Your Virtual CIO

Today, having a robust, value-adding IT strategy and infrastructure is a core necessity. With constant automation and process improvements from plant production to business processes,  IT is no longer optional but a strategic competitive advantage.. . A knowledgeable and experienced Virtual CIO firm can help you: 

  • Cut costs
  • Navigate expansion challenges
  • Comply with changing regulations
  • Merge and administer multiple IT operating environments
  • Align your IT infrastructure with your business objectives
  • Improve processes and productivity
  • Eliminate dependency on legacy applications and operating systems
  • Make the most of the cloud and emerging software solutions
  • Navigate warranty and support agreement renewals
  • Plan for hardware lease end dates and capital depreciation
  • Quickly scale your IT infrastructure
  • And meet other challenges as they arise

These are issues that require deep, versatile expertise and dedicated leadership. At STA, we bring unique expertise you just don’t find in most IT firms. We provide:

  • More than a decade of in-plant industrial experience. Our team of Certified IT Technicians has the skills and knowledge to plan for the unique hurdles industrial firms face.
  • Proven processes to streamline and simplify your IT infrastructure and architecture
  • Time and money savings. We partner with you in an open dialog to set attainable goals and keep your solutions within your budget
  • Scalability – We help you plan for the future, and we can manage an ever-growing technology stack as you need your IT to grow with your business.

We’re your total IT partner, committed to growing a lasting relationship built on trust — one that you can rely on to deliver the IT leadership you need.

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