Vendor Management Services (VMS)

Over 70% percent of businesses spend over half their IT budget support and services outside of their company. Internet providers, MES software, data-logging platforms, inventory management software; the costs are especially steep for industrial companies that require more automation to run smoothly.

Each software or service provider represents another contract, risk, and set of challenges that need to be managed. You don’t want to waste money paying for overlap or time dealing with all the different personalities and agreements.

That’s where managed IT services, specifically IT vendor management can help. Our Vendor management IT services in St. Louis allow you to outsource coordinating all the various IT players. It’s a process that when done correctly helps you control costs, reduce risk, and maximize value from these relationships.

Vendor Management Services List

Hiring STA technologies to do your vendor management is like getting a Chief Information Officer at half the cost in a role that requires a deep understanding of contracts, technology, and finance. We reduce expenses through contract reviews, consolidation, and renegotiation. We do all the heavy lifting to present you clear decision criteria between software and hardware solutions. And we help you hold vendors to agreements through development of metrics, vendor performance reviews, and quality standards.

Our VMS IT support and services include:

  • Sourcing of vendors
  • Negotiating with vendors and completing the Master Agreement contract.
  • Identifying of opportunities to cut costs and enhance vendor terms on costs, inventory and lapses between demand and delivery.
  • Identifying vendors that are more appropriate based on skills, costs, and service level.
  • Identifying opportunities to consolidate vendors and reduce costs. Providing vendors with larger or more frequent orders often results in better pricing and terms.
  • Evaluation of current vendors with respect to their performance, quality and pricing structures.
  • Evaluation of vendor catalogues in order to find products that are more appropriate.
  • Managing the transition from one vendor to another, which can often result in a break of supplies and loss of income.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of vendor activities including quality and contractual and Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance so that the vendors comply with agreed delivery times, invoicing procedures and pricing levels.
  • Identifying and monitoring risk.

Improve IT Performance with Managed IT Services in St. Louis, MO

Having us manage your vendor’s means you can spend time elsewhere while we go to work solving common vendor issues that are costing you. Our VMS IT services in St. Louis can quickly address unclear terms and conditions, root out where you are overpaying or paying two different vendors for the same service, and curb rising IT costs with contract renegotiations or vendor changes. We also find and correct non-compliance or lapses in coverage, and start holding vendors to your performance and quality standards.

You will see direct benefits to your company, including:

  • Lower procurement costs and an improved vendor, software, and hardware selection process
  • Enhanced vendor performance from regular reviews and communication on quality standards
  • Freeing up of internal staff time to concentrate on core company processes
  • Immediate correction and troubleshooting of mistakes or vendor issues
  • Less misunderstanding between internal employees and external vendors with more regular communication and coordination from STA technologies
  • Reduced risks with careful contract review and negotiation, and management of legal IT requirements
  • Better alignment from vendors with the company’s overall IT strategy and objectives, and differences between rolls
  • A structured vendor review process including metrics, KPI’s and scorecards.

Benefits of working with Strate Technology Advisors

When you work with Strate Technology Advisors for IT support and services, you are getting:

  • Over a decade of in-plant industrial experience and expertise. Our team of Certified IT Technicians have been managing and coordinating IT vendors for as long as we can remember, and all those years of experience mean we know how to tell the good from bad from the probably not worth it.
  • Proven processes that streamline and simplify your IT vendor management
  • Time and money savings. No more manual, time-consuming, labor-intensive work for your team. We handle all vendor communication, contracts and coordination so you can focus on what’s important to your core business.
  • Scalability – Grow your business. Add new devices and software tools. Implement new strategies with the latest technology to create robust processes. No matter how much you grow business, we’ll ensure your technology grows with you, so you can scale your company at-will.
  • A one-stop industrial IT shop – STA provides not only VMS services, but IT security, emergency IT support services, vCIO and a comprehensive suite of IT services — so you don’t have to juggle multiple vendors.

We’re your total IT partner, committed to growing a lasting relationship built on trust. As we work with you, we proactively help you improve your IT process and reduce costs.

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